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All About Vitamin A

Vitamin A is something that is truly essential for the overall support of the cells within your body. Proper levels of Vitamin A will help to maintain the support, integrity and viability of your lungs as well as your reproductive system and more. You can make sure that you are getting just the right amount of Vitamin A in your diet with retinal and retinal esters, but not retinoic acid. Good levels of Vitamin A will also boost your immune system and is crucial for the formation of protein, bones and growth hormones.


The pre-vitamin form of Vitamin A, beta-carotene, works as an antioxidant and can help to enhance the function of your immune system. Other members of the family of antioxidant carotenes include a-carotene, cryptoxanthine, lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene. Many of them are not able to convert into decent amounts of Vitamin A.

A variety of claims have come about regarding all of the beneficial aspects of Vitamin A as well as carotenoids. These include retinopathy, night blindness, photosensitivity, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, cataracts, macular degeneration, urinary tract infection, immune function, measles, premenstrual syndrome, peptic ulcers, HIV support, menorrhagia, abnormal pap smear, alcohol withdrawal, recurrent ear infections, crohn’s disease and acne.

If you or someone that you know is developing a deficiency in Vitamin A, you should know that night blindness is one of the earliest symptoms. At this initial stage, a good supplement of Vitamin A can help to prevent the development of corneal ulceration, xerophalmia, or blindness. There is also evidence that exists that will support the intake of carotenoids and Vitamin A for a decrease in the risk of cataracts. Vitamin A may also be able to help with the loss of elasticity in the lungs, keratinization of the salivary gland, epithelial keratinization, impaired hearing and urinary calculi. There are also certain dermatological problems including psoriasis, acne, Darler’s disease and even skin aging that can be treated in an effective manner with topical tretinoin and retinoid acid. You may also be able to improve anemia by taking Vitamin A while you are pregnant.

Any population that is prone to be deficient in Vitamin A should always receive a good daily supplement. Stress can work to cause vitamin excretion, so any patient that is dealing with a painful injury may benefit greatly from Vitamin A supplementation.